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Forest Bathing is the practice of finding balance and rejuvenation with the sights and sounds of nature.  It emphasizes an appreciation for the little gestures of the outdoors like the variety of greenery found in the forest's trees or the overlapping calls of birds singing out across a meadow.  

We’re teaming up with Snow Peak Portland to bring you a virtual forest bathing experience over instagram live this Wednesday, April 8th starting at 7:00pm. Our goal is to bring the rejuvenating benefits to our virtual community while we are staying home. We’ll let nature do the talking as we turn our camera to the beauty we find in the everyday landscapes of the natural world.

We’re staying close to home, with a walk through the paths of a local park and keeping it safe by practicing proper social distancing. Join us on instagram live Wednesday evening for a virtual sunset forest bathing experience. 

Join us @it.vanishes 



What is "Virtual Forest Bathing?"  

We're using instagram live to share outdoor experiences across social media.  You'll be seeing the views and sounds of nature as we walk slowly through a local park.  The idea is to bring this experience to people who are staying home in areas where access to nature is limited right now.

How does this comply with stay home orders?

Outdoor activities such as hiking and walking are okay as long as you maintain six feet of space here in Oregon.  We are also staying close to home by going to a local park with a lot of wide trails in order to ensure we maintain distance.